A "turf war" between food carts led a halal truck operator to stab a fruit vendor in East Midtown on Wednesday morning, authorities confirmed.

Following an argument at 5th Avenue and 44th Street, Khandaker Joy, 30, grabbed a steak knife and threatened the 35-year-old fruit vendor, police said. The knife did not penetrate the skin, and the victim sustained only scratches to his stomach.

"It was something to do with a turf war," NYPD Detective Brown told Gothamist. "One guy thinks that he owns the rights to a location, the other guy didn't want him too close, that sort of thing."

Despite the fact that the food vendor permitting system doesn't specify location, some cart operators say there are unwritten rules reserving especially valuable locations for those who've been around the longest. The site of the crime, on a busy corner between Grand Central and Times Square, might reasonably be assumed to be one of those prized locations.

Just a few blocks North, several longtime food cart operators say that the heavy security surrounding Trump Tower has been devastating for business, and has forced them to consider relocating from their once-valuable corner.

Joy was charged with assault, police say. The victim was taken to Roosevelt Hospital and is in stable condition.