You think yesterday's sudden (and relatively brief) downpour was nuts in the city? Well, in Bergen County, NJ, Mother Nature decided to spring three inches of hail onto a number of towns, including Westwood. The Record reported, "Snow plows that had sat idle since March were pressed into service in Emerson, Westwood, Ridgewood and elsewhere to clear penny-sized hail that piled inches high in streets and municipal parking lots." A fire chief also expressed surprise when his sister-in-law called him about her car being stuck, "I’m on the phone and she’s saying that she’s freezing cold, that there’s ice. I’m like, what is she talking about? It’s June. What does she mean there’s Ice?” WABC 7 even has footage of kids making snowmen! It's unclear why so much hail was produced, but National Weather Service meteorologist John Murray suggested "that the storm clouds were relatively high in the sky — 25,000 to 30,000 feet up — exacerbating the instability in the atmosphere." Drier weather is expected today.