Last night, hard naturally occurring objects started falling from the atmosphere (sometimes accompanied by thunder), creating a bit of a mess and making New Yorkers wonder if it was thundersleet or thunderhail. It's a meteorological mystery!

Ink Lake suggested it was graupel (aka "small hail") but our own Joe Schumacher tells us, "The Weather Service mentioned getting reports of pea sized hail, but they themselves only reported light snow in Central Park. That it was a thunderstorm also points to hail (though it doesn't exclude sleet). Graupel wouldn't have been so loud, which also makes me think it was hail rather than sleet." So we suppose Pat Kiernan's guess that it was freezing rain was wrong.

One day, we're going to find a chart that clearly oultlines hail vs. sleet vs. freezing rain vs. graupel, but this will have to do for now.