While many people were startled by the hail pelting theirs windows last night, Mother Nature left some Brooklyn residents an unwelcome gift in their bathrooms—it seems that hail really knows its way around plumbing! One family wrote to us, "We were alternately thrilled and a little scared by the loud hail storm this evening. Then we heard rushing water from the bathroom... the golf-ball sized ice chunks backed up the storm drain, backed up the tub and toilet and sinks and came rushing into the bathroom. Sooty, dirt-laced water. It just kept coming, and coming. Two inches (?) filled the bathroom, spilled out into the hall, threatened to go further but for every towel in our closet."

Another reader told us, "Mounds of hail and leaves gushed up through the flooded basement and into my first floor apartment through the toilet, leaving hail, dirt, and leaves all over my bathroom and kitchen. The two emergency plumbers who later arrived on the scene couldn't believe their eyes!" But what's more tolerable: Hail in the toilet or corn snake in the toilet?