With some not great news about cab drivers lately, we'd like to draw our attention to one of our favorite blogging cabbies, New York Hack. And she recently picked up a famous fare - Jon Stewart. This came after some rude drivers got pissed off at her after she wouldn't let them cut her off. Well, they were actually momentarily polite, making this a classic story:

At the next red light, they pulled up next to me and yelled, "Asshole!" Determined to try and stay cool for at least one full shift (which, for some reason, has been a lot harder these days), I just laughed and said, "That's very original."

This must've pissed them off even more because one of them said, "If you were a guy, I'd spit on you." Then they gave me my favorite finger, so I pulled out the camera. The best part of all this was, as others have done before him, the finger-giver held his pose for the camera. In fact, I almost didn't get the shot and said, "No, wait!" So they rolled the window back down and he politely held on for another second until I got the shot. Of course, afterwards he said, "You want a picture of my dick?"

And yes, she has a photograph of the doofus. Anyway, unlike those fools, Jon Stewart was a gentleman, as he even posed for a photograph.

Also worth checking out: New York Hack's "crazy Romanian dispatcher"'s thoughts on being a cab driver - "You need three sets of balls to do this job. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, that's how fucked it is." We interviewed New York Hack last year, and the other blogging cabby in our life is Famous Fat Dave who also writes about food for Gothamist.

Photograph by M.P., the New York Hack