Police say that a billionaire real estate heiress is so dependent on e-mail that a hacker managed to pose as her and e-mail her secretary to wire $548,625 to bank accounts before anyone wised up. A source told the Post, "[Candia] Fisher relies on e-mails all the time. So it’s easy for someone to learn lots of things about her if they get access to them."

Fisher, part of the Fisher Brothers clan and owner of a swank apartment, had no idea her email was compromised. The Post says the e-mails from the hacker were sent last week, requesting transfers to banks in Australia, "In all, the hacker was able to steal a total of $548,725 before a company financial secretary finally questioned Fisher about the wire transfers Monday around 4 p.m. The bewildered billionaire said she knew nothing about them... Authorities were scrambling to put a hold on the final wire transfer of $176,000. It was not clear if they were successful — or if any of the other money would be recouped, either."