Well, seems like somebody didn't like their cabbie last night. East Village Grieve this morning has two disturbing photos of a cab on 14th Street and Avenue A in which the passenger side window had been blown out. According to EVG's source, "The police were on the scene. According to [the tipster], the driver was very shaken up... He told [the tipster] that a passenger 'shot out' his window ... perhaps a dispute over the fare?"

When we called the NYPD's DCPI they had no information on the incident. Curiouser though, when we tried to reach out directly to the Ninth Precinct this morning nobody answered the phone either on the main line or at the community affairs desk. Finally, the TLC couldn't help illuminate the situation as these sorts of things apparently aren't even reported to them by the NYPD.

While hack attacks are unfortunately common, ever since that 2010 racially-motivated cabbie stabbing ("Are you a Muslim?") they make us very antsy. We'll update if we learn anything more.