2005_10_health_h2woes.jpgCan there really ever be too much of a good thing? Apparently when it comes to that barest of essential ingredients for survival - water - the answer is yes. According to the NYTimes, the ING NYC Marathon organizers are recommending a limit to the amount of the stuff runners should be gulping as they trot along in the race which takes place this year on Sunday, November 6th.

Reportedly 1% of the 35,000 runners in last year's race ended up seeing doctors after over hydrating themselves - with all of that excess water ending up in their brains - not a good thing. The Marathon organizers recommend no more than 8 oz of liquid (1 cup) every 20 minutes. And since drinks will be available at the beginning of the race and then every mile beginning at mile 3, not getting enough water shouldn’t be a problem. But should most runners really worry about taking in too much water? Probably not. Participants with normally functioning kidneys should be able to meet any excesses with a prompt reminder to hit a race side facility. Just be sure to visit Brian Timoney’s Marathon Map to find portable toilets along the way to avoid pulling a Paula Radcliffe.

Additional hydration tips are available at the New York Road Runners website.

Image from www.nycmarathon.org