equinox.jpgA spin class member at an Upper East Side gym became so enraged at the vocal exercise style of a nearby man that he got off his bike and threw the man against a wall earlier this month. Stuart Sugarman was the victim and the New York Post reports that the 48-year-old hedge fund manager admits that he was probably the noisiest guy at his gym. "He grunted a lot, admittedly. He war-whooped. He hollered, 'Great song!' and 'You go, girl.'" All of which became apparently too much for 44-year-old Christopher Carter. The Manhattan broker "snapped" and threw Sugarman and his stationary bike against a wall, causing a concussion and spinal injuries.

As the Post tells it, Carter and Sugarman were working out in a spin class at the Equinox gym on East 85th St. earlier this month. As per usual, Sugarman was exhorting himself on to peak fitness, which was bothering his classmate. Sugarman's lawyer Samuel Davis describes the escalation:

First, the furious broker demanded the hedge-fund manager please stop making so much noise. "Then it escalates to 'Shut up!' and "Shut the f--- up!"

The broker complained to the instructor, who "basically shrugs," Davis said.

The broker then allegedly issued the final ultimatum - "If you don't shut the f--- up, I'm getting off my bike." The hedge-fund manager said: "Stop being a baby."

Finally, the ballistic broker dismounts and "charges my client's bike like Leonard Marshall of the New York Giants hitting a practice sled," Davis said.

Sugarman says his injuries necessitated surgery and that six spinal discs in his neck required cadaver material to be repaired. Christopher Carter's lawyer, Dan Ollen, describes Sugarman as "a piece of work." Ollen says that the first thing Sugarman did after Carter pushed him off his bike was to get right back on and continue to work out for another 40 minutes. "The second thing he does is hire a personal-injury lawyer and the third thing he does is alert the media." A lawsuit is imminent of course, although we think it's fortunate for Sugarman that his altercation with Carter did not occur in the free weights area of the gym.