080408wii.jpgA Manhattan gym is now charging $110 for personal training sessions that incorporate video games into the workout. According to the Post, trainers like Dorothy Evans at Gravity Fitness have started using Nintendo Wii Sport games like boxing, tennis, golf and dodge ball. Evans swears it can provide a full body workout: "You'd be surprised. It may have little to do with the real sports, but we get people's heart rates up to 140 to 150 beats per minute – although some of that may just be the excitement of the game."

Everyone knows how exciting Wii golf can be, but for $110, can’t they incorporate Zelda or Super Mario Kart into a workout? According to a study by the American Council on Exercise, the Wii boxing game is the only virtual sport that comes close to the real thing. In a study released last month, researchers found that Wii boxing burns an average of 7.2 calories per minute, compared to 10.2 calories in actual sparring. Evans says she has her clients use the Wii during an “active recovery” break between several other exercises.

The transformation of gaming from sedentary hobby to health regimen made news last May when Nintendo brought trainers and exercise buffs together in Central Park to promote Wii Fit, which features activities ranging from hula hoop to yoga. Laugh if you must, but it's a great way burn off the calories after a night of Wii Major League Eating.