You'd think being splashed across newspapers and the internet as "that drunk idiot what tried to go down a chimney" would be the worst part about getting drunkenly stuck in a chimney and rescued by the fire department. You would be wrong, as it turns out, because yesterday's early-morning chimney rescue at 17 Allen Street could cause the Department of Buildings to investigate the presence of people living in the Chinatown building only zoned for commercial use.

The New York Post added the detail of 17 Allen's zoning to their story of the rescue of Gregory Massuelle and Alexia Elodie, the two people saved from the building's chimney. The accidental revelation that someone lives in the building could cost the party host or the building's landlord between $2,500 and $12,000 a D.O.B. spokesperson told the Post.

The building's landlord, Yvonne Psang seemed baffled that Massuelle and Elodie would dare go up on the roof, given the presence of signs telling people going up there was forbidden. "How could you not see the signs? He's a young man and the views are good up here. They're crazy you know?" she told the Daily News. As we all know, such signs have stopped generations of New Yorkers from going on roofs, before these two daredevils brazenly disregarded them.