As if the story of the man who drove his father's Nissan Quest minivan into the Harlem Meer in Central Park couldn't get weirder, what with Antony Romo's claims that his dad loved the car more than his own son, it does! The Post reports, "A police source confirmed that on July 14, Anthony [Romo] had gone to retrieve his cat from mom Donna Gianell, 55, at his parents' Upper West Side apartment, but for some reason she refused to hand over the kitty and stabbed him."

Romo allegedly said, "F*ck that car! It’s my father’s car. He loves that car more than he loves me," after he was fished out of the lake on Saturday afternoon. But his father, Kenneth Romo, explained that he was only upset at his son because he keeps using the car to chauffeur his girlfriend, "She is a face-painter and a balloon twister... She's got no life because she's got no car!" adding, "He's accrued so many tickets, I can't let him use the car anymore!" Indeed, there are $600 in tickets on the car. The elder Romo also said he still loved his son, "I've had my misunderstandings with them. There was just a disagreement. ... I asked them to leave because I had things to do."

Anthony Romo's girlfriend and her father paid the $500 to get him out of jail. Romo told reporters, "I've had a very hard week.. Remember building 7." Wait, Romo is a truther?