Remember that allegedly unhinged guy who allegedly opened fire on cops last year? To be more specific: 53-year-old Antonio Olmeda was allegedly wearing a fake beard, hat and dark glasses when he opened fire on two officers patrolling Jackson Heights in December 2011. He was caught after investigators matched DNA on the fake glasses he left behind to his DNA on file after his arrest for owning a flamethrower. (It's unclear what his motivation was—police say he is "very sick individual with a lot of mental problems.") Anyway, he's currently in jail, which is a good a thing, because it seems like he was planning something big.

The landlord told investigators he had rented the unit to Olmeda since 2010 but was preparing to clear it out because no rent had been paid in over eight months. Inside, he found a large weapons cache and notified police, who acted on a search warrant yesterday and found "numerous handguns, rifles, high capacity (ammunition) magazines, and approximately 5,000 rounds of ammunition,” according to a press release.

Investigators also found "assault rifles, 15 handguns, several shotguns, a bulletproof vest, smoke grenades, NYPD-like shields and thousands of rounds of ammunition," NBC New York reports. In addition, there were “military-type smoke canisters," and, according to the Wall Street Journal, "letters containing threats to public officials, stacks of photos and more than 100 documents including NYPD radio codes and maps of the city with red ink pointing toward the George Washington and Brooklyn bridges."

Olmeda, an Army veteran, is currently incarcerated at Rikers Island. Now might be a good time for officials to take a look under his mattress.