Another day, another case of employees embezzling cash from their employers. Though less absurd than the guy who took $3.4 million in a month from Columbia University, the story of Marque Gumbs, who is being accused of stealing many millions of dollars from the prestigious cancer hospital Memorial Sloan-Kettering, is a touch more upsetting since Gumbs was, well, esentially taking money from sick cancer patients.

Victims aside, we'll be fair and say the scam itself isn't the worst we've ever heard: Gumbs, who worked as a receiving clerk at the hospitals 53rd St. outpatient building until Tuesday, would regularly order excess toner for the offices and then would arrange to meet the delivery guys outside the receiving area so the extra stuff would never make it into the building and he could fence it. Part of what got him caught was he was ordering toner for printers that weren't in the building. Still, as the Wall Street Journal notes, it was almost like he was printing money.

What remains unclear is how he fenced the goods, but considering he made $1,065 biweekly and managed to move last year from the Bronx into a 30th-floor one-bedroom in the Trump Plaza in New Rochelle and buy a 2011 BMW X6 with a $50,500 cash down payment not to mention go on some ritzy shopping sprees, he clearly found a market. A source told the Journal that "since 2004, the orders for toner placed by Mr. Gumbs totaled about $3.8 million in value."

Which leads us to wonder: Who buys millions of dollars worth of stolen printer toner?