2006_05_70flushing.JPGDeveloper Joshua Guttman was in Brooklyn court yesterday, but not for anything related to the Greenpoint Terminal Market fire or any of the other arson cases at buildings he's owns (he's never been charged with arson). Actually, this case is about a tenant, a basement, and some missing equipment. According to the NY Times, tenant Onias Pacheco had been moving out of a Guttman building, and Guttman agreed to store Pacheco's screening equipment in the basement at 70 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn. But after sixteen months of attempts, Pachceo sued Guttman for not allowing him access to the building, to the tune of $175,000 ($25K for the equipment, $150K for damages). Guttman's lawyer offered $17,500 to settle, while Pacheco was looking for $100,000... or $40,000 but then he got talked down to $20,000. That is some dealmaking.

Last Sunday, the NY Times looked back at a fight the tenants of 247 Water Street had with Guttman.