Yesterday, Governor Spitzer, Senator Charles Schumer, and Senator Hillary Clinton had a meeting with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael "[I have a] gut feeling...we are entering a period this summer of increased risk" Chertoff but were unable to convince him to raise New York's anti-terror funding. Secretary Chertoff repeated said the he was not there to talk about money, but Spitzer says, "he knew we were going to raise" the issue. Yeah - if you're a federal official walking into a room with the Governor and Senators of a state that has been vocal about how the government has shortchanged it, you can guess what will be discussed.

Though the DHS is giving New York $134 million this year, which is more than last year's $124.5 million, it's still less than the $207 million received in 2005. Schumer said, "The increase we got is basically insulting. ...He made his argument that New York’s doing better than anyone else. We said ‘better than anyone else’ isn’t good enough.”

Last year, there was a big to-do about the reduction in anti-terror funding for NY State and NYC; the DHS implied that the state and city filed their funding request incorrectly. Then Chertoff said that the decision to drastically reduce NY's anti-terror funding was sort of wrong.