2007_02_chopsticks.jpgWe're used chopsticks to as ad-hoc kite frames, but we've never ever crafted a brace out of them for a 20 month old toddler's ankle fracture. Yet that's what health guru David Jubb did instead of taking his son to the doctor.

Jubb, who the Post excitedly proclaims has clients like Liv Tyler and Donna Karan AND drinks his own urine, had to give up custody of his son when he didn't follow the Administration for Children's Services' demand that his son be taken to a doctor. How did the ACS know about the fracture? Well, Jubb has a restraining order out on his son Dakota's mother, so ACS supervised a visit and noticed that Dakota's ankle was swollen.

They removed him into foster care two days later, when Jubb still had not brought him in for treatment.

A week after that, the boy was handed over to his mother temporarily, the source said.

"His mother is very unbalanced," Jubb said.

She could not be reached for comment.

Jubb, who has a doctorate degree in nutrition, said he didn't take the baby to the doctor because he planned on observing him.

Yeah, doctorates are equal to MDs. A pediatrician warns Post readers that children's fractures may not look like a big deal but can actually be serious. Jubb, however, thinks the ACS is out to get him because he's raising Dakota as a "lifefoodarian" (no "meat, dairy, wheat, certain starches, cooked foods and many conventional proteins").

Do you remember the Queens couple found guilty of nearly starving their daughter? After not being fed formula or any dairy products, the Swintons' daughter had rickets and fractured bones, and weighed 10 pounds at 15 months. They were apparently very hardcore vegans.