Though the NYPD isn't commenting on it, the New York Post today reports that somebody has been breaking into the locker room in the Ninth Precinct station house in the East Village (the NYPD Blue station house, for the curious). So far, in 10 to 12 thefts, the perp has reportedly walked away with "four guns, cash, jewelry, two bulletproof vests, and an iPad." Guess one cop never set up Find My iPhone?

When we called the NYPD for comment, a spokesman told us they had no information on the incidents, the most recent of which the Post says occurred on Sunday when the fourth gun was stolen. Apparently once you get into the cops' locker room at the recently renovated station house on Fifth Street, the lockers aren't so much secured:

The crook doesn’t even have to touch the flimsy combination locks. “If you just bang on the lockers they pop open,” said one source. When finished, the thief can slam the locker’s door shut, leaving no trace of it having been opened.

That’s kept officers from discovering the heists until they notice something is gone.
When the first two officers to lose guns reported them missing, they were grilled by IAB investigators, who first suspected they’d merely lost them.

Considering Mayor Bloomberg's very, very, very strong feelings about guns, maybe this will be a good reason for him to revisit his colored-guns for cops idea?