The former cop who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teacher was just sentenced to 75 years to life in prison. According to the Post, this means that Michael Pena "must serve at least 75 years before even seeing a parole board."

Pena was off-duty when he allegedly raped the woman in an Inwood apartment complex's courtyard. In spite of hearing harrowing testimony from the victim and from building tenants who heard her anguished screams, a jury—which included a lawyer who had ties to Manhattan DA Cy Vance as well as one of his election opponents—was unable to convict Pena on the rape charges. Semen was found on her underwear, but there was no proof of penetration besides the victim's testimony and a doctor said it seemed as if she was raped. Media reports suggested that the jury was fixated on weird details, like wondering why the rape victim couldn't remember the color of the car near where she says she was raped). Pena's lawyer even admitted his client committed an "unforgivable" crime.

The victim made a brief statement to the judge before sentencing, "This has impacted every single aspect of my life... He used his weapon, and basically destroyed my life. That's it. Thank you." The Post adds, "The sentence for the brutal, off-duty attack left the victim collapsing in sobs of anguished triumph in the front row of Manhattan Supreme Court."

It's unclear whether the Manhattan DA's office will retry Pena on the rape charges.