357revolver.jpgA 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head yesterday died from her injuries. No arrests have been made in the shooting, but Brandon Bethea was shot shortly before midnight on Redfern Ave. in Queens. She was taken to St. Johns Hospital, but did not survive. Bethea had returned to her old neighborhood in Far Rockaway in order to find a dress for her junior prom, when she was shot. The girl seems to have been a random victim after a man opened fire on a crowd in the street. One resident was despondent about the senseless violence. "All these young babies are dying over nothing."

Separately, police arrested a number of people in relation to an early morning shoot out that wounded five men in a Queens restaurant. Six men are in police custody after a restaurant on Beach 21st St. and Mott Ave. became the scene of a potential massacre in Far Rockaway. Five men were shot, including a 65-year-old man. Police later pulled over a Jeep Cherokee containing the six men and recovered a .357 caliber pistol.