Just a few days after a 16-year-old Flatbush resident died after being shot in the head when looking out his window, a 3-year-old girl was grazed by a bullet after buying candy with family and friends.

Jayla McLean is doing okay, but it's depressing that there are photographs of her wound at all. She was at the Kingsborough Housing Projects in Bed-Stuy to visit her great-grandmother when two groups of men got into an argument and bullets starting flying. Her mother, a state employee, told the Post she was relieved that Jayla is all right but "somebody needs to do something about it, or else another child will get hit. We worry about the war in Iraq, but we've got a war here in the projects."

Police are looking for a suspect, 25-year-old Devon Baker, who has five prior arrests. The Daily News has a map showing six recent incidents of children being caught in the crossfire - and it turns out that the NYPD doesn't release statistics about people caught in the crossfire of gunfights. Yesterday, the Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke about getting guns off the streets of Newark, and illegal guns remains a very big issue for Mayor Bloomberg.