2006_07_bullets.jpgLast night, a teenager and the police exchanged gunfire, and an innocent bystander was grazed by one of the bullets. The police had been resopnding to reports of an armed youth in Harlem, and when they asked the 16 year old to drop his weapon, he shot at them. So the police returned his fire, and 50 year old Denise Williams was hit. The Post says the teen had "just left a party for a slain Bloods gang member." Williams is recuperating at a Harlem Hospital; police are still looking to the shooter and will see whose bullets hit Williams.

And an argument outside a nightclub in Queens led to two club employees plus a bystander getting shot. A car was double parked near Woodside club Blagio, and employees asked the driver to move the car. Naturally, the driver and another friend just had to get into an argument with the employees and pull a gun. Two club employees were both shot in the leg, as was a female clubgoer who had been standing outside. One man was arrested, but Newsday says no gun has been recovered.