The man accused of being the personal gun shopper for members of the Bloods, ferrying guns from North Carolina to NYC, is being held on $2 million bail in a Brooklyn jail. However, Kyle Leonard, who allegedly sold two Berretta semi-automatic pistols, one Cal Taurus revolver, three more semi-automatic handguns and a Bushmaster AR15 assault rifle to an undercover in one buy, could get out for $1 million if he pays cash.

Leonard's lawyer John Rodriguez says his client was "falsely accused," and offers a simple explanation why he was traveling so much between NYC and NC: Leonard moved to NC for work, but would come up to Brooklyn regularly to see his mother and daughter. Rodriguez added, "He’s never been a member of the Bloods street gang; he’s never had any connection with the Bloods street gang." And one of Leonard's supporters yelled in court, "He’s no member of the Bloods. That’s Bullsh-t!” before being escorted out.

The authorities maintain that Leonard would get orders for guns via text message and say that there's surveillance video showing him selling guns out of his car trunk.