A campaign worker for a City Council candidate says someone driving an SUV "adorned" with posters for his boss's rival threatened him at gunpoint yesterday in Brooklyn. 20-year-old James Soyers was collecting signatures for candidate Anthony Herbert in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 4 p.m. yesterday when he says the vehicle hurtled toward him and his co-worker and "scared the pants off" him. The driver allegedly told the men to leave, and when they refused, he brandished a chrome gun with a black handle. Soyers tells the Times, "I was stuck frozen. My feet didn’t agree with my brain. My brain was telling them to run, but my feet just wouldn’t move." Oddly enough, Herbert's rival, Councilwoman Darlene Mealy, was at an event just half a block away. She denies that the gunslinger works for her, but Herbert says other candidates viying for Mealy's seat are "having trouble collecting signatures" to get on the ballot in the Democratic primary. He also adds that Mealy is "not the friendliest person."