The 14-year-old daughter of City Councilman Bill de Blasio is featured in a nice family photo on the website for de Blasio's public advocate campaign. But don't let her innocent smile fool you—teenage Chiara loves guns, and de Blasio doesn't want voters to know about it. It's been revealed that in the original photo, Chiara was wearing a gun-shaped pendant, which was subsequently airbrushed away when the photo was pimped out for campaign literature. When confronted about the cover-up by the Daily News, de Blasio explained, "Our daughter made a mistake in putting on a necklace that was inappropriate. I made a decision to take it out of any literature and she will not be wearing it in the future." But Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics is troubled, because who knows what else de Blasio is hiding? Are those even his children? Still, Sabat gives Chiara a pass on her gun fetish, because "you never blame a 14-year-old—they all do silly, rebellious things, and I guess that's what it was. She's 14. Who cares?" Well, easy for him to say; he doesn't have to generate news content in August.