As we noted last week, NRA president David Keene recently said that the GOP's platform is the most gun-friendly he has ever seen. What does that mean? Republicans want you to be able to carry your concealed gun anywhere in the country with an unlimited amount of bullets in its clip, and the knowledge that the law will protect you from prosecution if you kill someone while "standing your ground."

A review of the party's platform (second amendment concerns are on page 20) shows that Republicans are dedicated to passing a law that would allow any state's concealed-carry permit to be valid across the country, opposes legislation that would limit high-capacity magazines (such as ones used in the shootings at Aurora, Colorado and Tuscon, Arizona), and supports stand-your-ground laws.

Lest you believe that party platforms mean nothing in today's atmosphere of torpid inevitability and brazen lying, the chairman of writing the platform, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, said in his speech, "We invite Americans to consider this platform, a call for dramatic change in government."

You might remember McDonnell as the governor who signed a law that requires women to get an ultrasound before they have an abortion.

2012 Gop Platform