The Daily News is totally keeping tabs on Lauer Custom Weaponry. Last year, the gun dealership offered "Custom Bloomberg Paint Jobs" for guns, tweaking Mayor Bloomberg's fight against illegal gun sales all over the country. Now the News reports Steve Lauer has now created a Mayor Bloomberg (plus Steve Lauer) bobblehead.

Lauer, whose bobbleganger carries an AK-47 while Bobbleberg has a red Glock and a "fake yellow Berretta," tells the News, "It's an instant laugh to anybody that looks at it. I never stop laughing about it." The paper gives this assessment: "It's not a great likeness of the mayor, but it matches the pose he struck when declaring war on Lauer's firm in 2006 for selling kits to paint guns in bright colors."

The Wisconsin gun dealer claims 100 of the bobbleheads ($19.99 here) have been sold. Mayoral spokesman Jason Post was dismissive, "This is the latest silly stunt from a cynical publicity hound. Thankfully, bobblehead dolls - unlike gun paint kits - don't put innocent lives at risk." The Mayor is a favorite target of NRA members—in 2007, gun dealers had a "Bloomberg Gun Giveaway"—and more recently he's spoken out against Plaxico Burress's self-shooting and Senator Kirsten GIllibrand's gun stance.