2008_05_playoffs2.jpgA man was "pulled into an argument over the NBA playoffs", eventually getting stabbed to death outside his cousin's house in Queens Village. Henry Frazier died at Mary Immaculate Hospital, and police believe Frazier may have started to altercation.

The NY Times reports that Frazier "struck [Benjamin] Dunn on the side of the head with a bottle, and punched and kicked him." Dunn ran from the scene, so Frazier chased him, only for Dunn to fight back with a razor. One man was wounded when trying to break up the fight, another person was wounded from the bottle that hit Dunn.

The Post says Dunn was charged with manslaughter, assault and weapon possession. Frazier's mother described her son, who served in the Persian Gulf War, as depressed and diagnosed with schizophrenia. Louise Frazier attributed his problems to his military service, "They teach them to kill. They don’t realize how it affects them. After he came back, he wasn’t the same.”