2006_09_jknoxville.jpgA totally creepy story in the Post about a man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a friend last Halloween. Medical resident Jason Jaramillo, his wife, and a friend went to a costume party the weekend before Halloween, and Jaramillo was dressed as Johnny Knoxville, his wife as a flower, and the female friend as Wonder Woman.

At some point before dawn, Jaramillo, his wife, and the victim... left the party and went to an apartment on West Broadway.

There, Jaramillo's wife fell asleep and the victim passed out, intoxicated, in the same bed. Then Jaramillo attacked - still dressed as the leopard-pattern brief-wearing MTV maniac.

Jaramillo used scissors to cut off the victim's Wonder Woman costume and molested her.

The Post reports that Jaramillo is getting 10 years probation and may lose his medical license. No word on whether his wife divorced him.