One of the young men accused of participating in a violent election night rampage against black people on Staten Island pleaded guilty today. NY1 reports that 21-year-old Brian Carranza admitted to joining two friends, who styled themselves as a gang called the "Rosebank Krew," in a series of assaults that left one man with brain damage and in a coma for over a month. That victim, 38-year-old Ronald Forte, is white; Carranza and his cohorts allegedly drove over him after mistaking him for a black man. The group is also accused of beating a teenage Liberian immigrant with a metal pipe and shoving another black man to the ground, all in response to President Obama's victory. Carranza faces up to 10 years in prison; two other suspects remain free on bail after pleading not guilty. According to SI Live, a fourth suspect, 18-year-old Bryan Garaventa, pleaded guilty three weeks ago to the same charge of conspiracy to interfere with voting rights.