Last October, Carmen Huertas was driving a car packed with her daughter and her daughter's friends up the West Side Highway when she lost control and flipped the car over Besides many of the children being injured, 11-year-old Leandra Rosado died and it was discovered that Huertas' blood alcohol level was one-and-a-half times the legal limit. Now Huertas is expected to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter today.

Huertas, 31 allegedly said during the drive, "Who thinks something's gonna happen? Raise your hand. Who thinks we're gonna get into an accident?" before overturning the car. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon previously said if she pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charge, he would give her something in between the minimum of five years and maximum of fifteen years. Leandra's father told the Daily News, "If she gets under 10 years, for me it's not enough."

Huertas' lawyer, who previously argued for a lighter sentence and noted his client's past as an abuse victim, wouldn't comment on the rumored plea but said, "Carmen still struggles with the aftermath of that tragic night. She still mourns the loss of Leandra, and she mourns the fact that she has not been able to see her own children regularly since she’s been incarcerated." Leandra's death led to the state law, now known as Leandra's Law, that makes driving drunk with a child in the car a felony.