While pleading guilty to a felony civil rights violation in a Brooklyn courtroom yesterday, Officer Admir Kacamakovic, an eight-year veteran of the department, wasn't shy about sharing his true feelings about the NYPD. “I have been working with the most goddamned corrupt police department this world has ever known,” Kacamakovic declared in open court. Waving an official police ID card in front of him, he added, "I’m willing to say goodbye to this goddamn piece of s--t. I want to hand in this ID." That won't be a problem.

Kacamakovic, you may recall, was accused by the FBI of a lot of questionable activity, including pepper-spraying two patrons outside his cousin's bar in 2008 while screaming, "No one f***s with my cousin’s place!" He was in uniform and on duty at the time. After one of the patrons pressed charges, Kacamakovic allegedly used the NYPD’s computer system to search a federal database about the assault victim.

According to the FBI, Kacamakovic, while on duty, had intervened in a traffic dispute, and after one of the men involved in the dispute said he was going to file a complaint against Kacamakovic, he slapped the cuffs on hard. Yesterday he pleaded guilty to a civil rights violation for illegally detaining and handcuffing the man so tightly he caused permanent wrist damage. As part of his plea agreement, Kacamakovic will resign from the NYPD and will not apply for a job in law enforcement in the future. He faces up to ten years in prison at sentencing.

“I don’t know why I didn’t commit suicide yet,” Kacamakovic, 32, told the Judge William Kuntz II, a former member of the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board. The Daily News reports, oddly, that Judge Kuntz "referred to himself as 'Father Vader' because his deep voice sounds like the Star Wars villain Darth Vader." Kuntz "counseled the cop to relax," telling him, "God is good, life is long and suicide is not on the table. Let’s fuhgeddaboudit, as we say in Brooklyn." Ha yeah, tell that to the guy with permanent scarring on his wrists.