Since his tremendous wealth and good approval ratings make him seem like an inevitable winner, the Daily News asks experts "how can Mayor Bloomberg lose" the election. Baruch College School of Public Affairs' David Birdsell suggests a scandal could derail the incumbent mayor's bid, but "It would have to be something heinous, prurient or both - with photos." And "[barring that, a] detailed, high-profile conflicts disaster with Bloomberg LP" would also be very damaging. Another Democratic operative says it could be "something that eats away at his 'competence' factor, i.e., they really [screw] something up big-time" and also suggests "push[ing] his buttons... Voters don't see it, [but] he has a bit of a thin skin." In the meantime, Bloomberg's re-election staff does have some (possibly unintentionally) funny campaign signs in their office—PolitickerNY has the amusing slideshow.