Apparently unsatisfied with the superlatives for New York City Borough With The Most Deer and New York City Borough With The Largest Future Amusement Park Ride, Staten Island has snatched the title of New York City Borough With The Most Body Piercings, according to a recent Department of Health community survey.

The DOH's 2014 study asked New Yorkers to self-report piercings through any body part aside from the earlobe—tongue, nose, lip, cheek, etc. etc.—and found that 18% of responding Staten Islanders had body jewelry, according to the Post (for comparison, Queens was the least-pierced, with 11% of respondents confirming their body art).

City-wide, the DOH found that 14% of New Yorkers have body jewelry, the vast majority of them women.

Why does the city care about impulse decisions that might or might not originate on St. Mark's Place? A spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday that the DOH might instate new regulations at piercing parlors to cut down the risk of Hepatitis C and HIV transmission. Before you go running after alternatives, keep in mind that these fake tongue rings are deadly.