Driving your (and my) drunk ass around in an NYC cab is surely one of the world's more thankless jobs, and 311 data confirms that: Passengers filed 15,947 complaints in 2013, some of which were surely justified, and others that were probably bogus, like "too much traffic" and "my hair hurts."

I Quant NY rounded up this data and dumped it into a heat map, which has revealed some interesting findings about the nature of cab complaints around the city.

1. Complaints peak at 4 p.m.

2. Late-night on weekends is a popular time to complain

3. People complain the least on Christmas

4. The most complaints are filed in Manhattan below 96th Street and at the city's two airports

5. On late-night weekends, Williamsburg is the source of the highest ratio of complaints, followed by the East Village, Lower East Side, East Williamsburg and Greenwich Village/SoHo.

On the bright side, a whopping 893 submitted compliments. That's a whole...five percent! Must not have been from around here.