A secret FBI test of how deadly the bomb that Faisal Shahzad planted in Times Square is no longer a secret, as the Post reports that a team created a "correctly made" version and found it "would have killed thousands of people." Luckily Shahzad was not a very good study at al Qaeda camp and his bomb failed to ignite properly and only started a fire, allowing street vendors to alert the authorities.

However, the Post details what could have happened from the low-cost bomb: A "fatal spray of razor-sharp fragments and transformed building windows into glass guillotines hurtling to the streets, cutting down hundreds of people walking by." One source said, "It would have been the biggest thing ever to happen in this country since Sept. 11. It definitely would have been bigger than [the 1995] Oklahoma City [bombing which killed 168 people]. There would have been a lot of casualties.... People would also have been stomped to death from running away. It would have been panic. The buildings would have been severely damaged."

Another source said, "If you look at the four corners [near the bomb] that night, there could easily be 500 people between 20 to 30 feet from the car. Any car going down that block or parked nearby would have been turned into fragments, because that SUV's going to rip apart those cars. More people get killed by the fragments than the actual explosion."