Who says city data can't be exciting! City Room did some serious mining into this year's budget for insight into just how much the city spends wrapping up the 50,000 people who die in New York each year.

According to the blog, the city allocated $95,000 to buy 5,500 heavy duty body bags meant to contain "bodies in bad shape," and 13,000 corpse pouches to transport bodies to the medical examiner's office.

More: "The heavy-duty orange or black bags cost $21.92 each. The white or black plastic pouches come in three sizes: $6.86 for adult, $3.29 for child and $2.49 for infant."

Good to know. Our own research has taught us that body bags—euphemistically referred to as "human remains pouches"— are available in sizes ranging from "large" (91.44 x 238.76 cm) to "Big Girtha" (137.16 x 274.32 cm), and generally come in blue, yellow, red and orange. The Internet also has some helpful suggestions regarding body bag ownership, namely, that while body bags are probably useful for many things, like storing old household appliances (and bodies), Yahoo! Answers warns that because the bags are flammable, "you can't cook inside one."