Mayor Bloomberg is one of the richest men alive, so it's not surprising that he has accumulated quite a few residences in his time—we all know about that little place in Bermuda he loves so much. And now we know a bit more about his other pads: according to his 2011 financial disclosures, Bloomberg bought two more homes in New York last year, bringing his total number of real-estate holdings around the world to 11.

Bloomberg, who has an estimated worth of $22 billion, bought a $4.55 million 33-acre ranch in North Salem in June 2011—it's his second property in the Westchester town, likely to be combined with an adjacent a 20 acre $3.65 million estate he purchased in 2001. Bloomberg also spent $20 million for a 35-acre estate in the Hamptons. In addition to those three properties, Bloomberg owns three in Manhattan, including his primary residence on East 79th Street, a Park Avenue condominium, and an East 78th Street town house where his foundation operates. He owns homes in Armonk, NY; Bermuda; London; Vail, Colo.; and Wellington, Fla.

As his spokesman Stu Loeser points out, the mayor pays a federal tax rate of 34.69 percent, just below the highest possible rate, before deducting for his significant charitable contributions. He also pays more than $1 million a year in city property taxes for those three properties. One strange tidbit: Bloomberg made an arrangement with Joseph J. Pinto—the man who he bought the North Salem property from—to let him stay at the property for 207 days at a rent of $100K to $250K. That kinda cash can pay off a lot of helicopter curfew violation tickets.