Earlier this week, Gothamist caught 18 minutes of Gubernatorious, a documentary in progress about the Califonia recall made by our good friend, Jayson Haedrich, partners Nick Regalbuto and Robbie Stauder, and executive producer Nigel Noble. Jayson, Nick, and Robbie shot over 300 hours of footage following candidates running for Governor of California last summer and fall and are in the process of weaving together a number of candidates' campaign trail stories, but shared what they had edited together at Sugar. What they have so far is certainly entertaining, what with the characters that ran, but what Gothamist found intriguing was how amongst the publicity hounds were people who ran because they believed they could make a difference. For instance, there's Cheryl Bly-Chester, a businesswoman and engineer/single mother, who had an actual agenda and shows frustration when not heard or respected on the campaign trail, contrasted with porn star, Mary Carey, whose mere presence sets cameras' flashes off, let alone her mentioning how she'd live at the Governor's Mansions with two female friends. Our democracy is a fascinating thing, even as we lament and damn it, because we can grow up thinking we can make an impact on our government in real ways. Gothamist can't wait to see more of Gubernatorious.

As with many film projects, the Gubernatorious team is looking for additional funding to complete the film as well as an leads on distribution. You can post something in comments or email Jen if you would like more information.

Get involved: Register to vote at Rock the Vote. Or run for President, via American Candidate, the new Showtime reality show. [Via Lockhart Steele]

Robbie, Nick, and Jayson