All seven gubernatorial candidates are doing some last minute cramming today in anticipation of tomorrow's highly anticipated debate. Experts are calling seasoned politician Andrew Cuomo the favorite, but one source told the Daily News that Carl Paladino has a chance to take back control of his campaign narrative: "Carl has to come off as the candidate that he wants to be, not the candidate he's been transformed into by the Cuomo forces." We didn't realize that Cuomo's forces were to blame for Paladino's controversial remarks on homosexuality, his endless stream of embarrassing emails, and his altercations with reporters.

Considering the altercations that have taken place and the tensions which have arisen in the race, debate organizers are playing it safe and stepping up security for the event, just in case. We're just excited at the prospect of what Paladino might say on live TV; will he continue to slip in comments about Cuomo's sexual prowess?

Whatever he says at this point, he's bound to offend someone. He's now receiving flack over comments his campaign manager made weeks ago, referring to the gubernatorial race as "a campaign of junkyard dogs." "Junkyard dogs live lives of misery and suffering. They're helpless, terrified, voiceless and defenseless," said an appalled Regina Massaro, director of the city's Spay-Neuter Intervention Project (SNIP), a partner of the ASPCA.