The couple that lost the stuffed monkey that they've been raising like a son for ten years was reunited with Bongo over the weekend, and the NY Post has the exclusive! And check out those exclusive photos, too! They seriously make it even more impossible to figure out if this whole thing is heartwarming, or just depressing.

Upper East Side couple Jack Zinzi and Bonni Marcus were reunited with Bongo after a week apart from him, having lost him on an outing in Park Slope last Sunday. Turns out 61-year-old Luis Barreto found the little guy on a parking meter in the neighborhood, and took him home, totally unaware of his backstory... and the bedbug epidemic? Or do people just pick up old stuffed animals and bring them home these days?

While hanging fliers, the couple happened to approach Barreto and some of his friends on the street to tell them about their lost monkey, and next thing you know they're in the man's apartment having "an emotional reunion." Marcus even says she "felt Bongo’s presence" as they got closer to the apartment. But they had to practically beg Barreto to turn him over, apparently he "fell in love with Bongo and wanted to keep him," noting he "looked real" to him.

The couple paid the $500 reward, took Bongo and Barreto to dinner, then bar hopped in Manhattan. Man, that little guy must have been tuckered out by the end of the night! And once home he had to reunite with his Beanie Baby brothers, who were reportedly “also suffering" with him gone.