In March, the Taxi and Limousine Commission unveiled its pilot program to encourage New Yorkers to share taxis to common destinations. At East 72nd Street and Third Avenue, West 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue and 57th Street and Eighth Avenue, people could share a taxi to Grand Central for just $3 or $4 each, although they can get out along the way . Now the TLC has put the brakes on those locations, with Commissioner David Yassky explaining, "They simply haven't worked. The reality is they're not functioning as group-ride stands."

The pilot got off to a rocky start, with both cab drivers and passengers wary. Yassky said at a meeting that it wasn't clear if "there’s not enough common routes from there to work or if it’s a chicken-and-egg problem, where passengers will only go there is there are taxis and taxis will only go there if there are passengers — and no one will act first."

On the upside, the group taxi stands at the Port Authority and the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal have been doing well and will remain in operation.