The group home supervisor who was in charge of monitoring three 16-year-old boys has been arrested. The teens apparently sneaked out of the home and allegedly raped, beat and robbed a woman in Chinatown.

Danzel Thompson, 24, worked at a Boys Town residence in Park Slope, Brooklyn; according to the NY Times, he "wrote in the logbook that he had checked on the boys every half-hour from 11 p.m. on May 31st to 6 a.m. on June 1st and had observed 'all youth down in bed.' But officials said that he had stopped checking after the 1:30 a.m. log." Thompson has been charged with falsifying official documents.

It's believed the boys, Eric Pek, Emanuel Burrows and Sanata Asliev, were in a Chinatown Internet cafe where they saw the 33-year-old woman who they took to another building to rape and beat. They also took her belongings so they could attempt to break into her apartment. The victim, whose underwear and other clothing were missing, managed to walk to a nearby bodega for help. A video from the victim's apartment building allegedly shows the teens inside.

NBC New York reports, "The police source said it wasn't clear if Thompson knew the boys weren't in the home and was covering by allegedly falsifying the logs, or if he never checked to see if they were there. Thompson, who had worked with the Boys Town organization as a youth care worker for about a year, was suspended last week amid the ongoing investigation."

Thompson's lawyer stated, "This is a case in which there is an attempt being made to establish criminal intent to defraud but there is no criminal intent here and I would hope that the prosecution in this case and the people of this city that control the political structure are not about to engage in an act of political football. It's unfortunate." However, Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters said, "The worker here didn’t properly supervise the children in his care, falsified the records, and the result was what are alleged to be some very tragic circumstances."

The Boys Town residence has been closed.