2005_11_condomania.jpgThe Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project, a community activist group that forwards the issues of people living with HIV, blasted the Department of Education for not having enough condoms available to give to students. CHAMP claims the DoE provided less than two condoms per year to each student, which goes against a law that says the school system has to make them available to students. Based on a DoE order of 320,000 condoms during an 18-month period and a Health Department survey that says almost 50% of the city's 300,000 high school students are sexually active, that means students only received 1.4 condoms per year! The DoE says that the order of 320,000 condoms doesn't include ones that were already at the schools, but one student at Martin Luther King high school said, "Now I know why we¹re told there are no condoms when we ask for them, or sometimes are given old condoms that have expired."