When the chief suits and ties take a few symbolic jackhammer swipes on Thursday to relaunch construction on the Second Avenue Subway, they won't exactly be breaking new ground. A 3-minute video from NY Times shows the history of three previous groundbreaking ceremonies held in the 1970s.

"Groundbreakings are meant to symbolize progress and things actually getting done," narrates William Neuman. "In the case of the Second Avenue Subway, that has not always been the case." He visits the three aborted construction sites:

1. 103 St and 2nd Ave - Groundbreaking 1972
2. Canal Street and Bowery - Groundbreaking 1973
3. 2nd St and 2nd Ave - Groundbreaking 1974

Neuman calls site #3 "The most poignant of all the 2nd Avenue Subway groundbreaking ceremonies, because no section of tunnel was ever built here." Thursday's event will take place below 2nd Avenue at 99th Street, in a section of existing tunnel - here's hoping fourth time's a charm (although the residents who are being kicked out to make way for the subway aren't so thrilled).

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