After the LMDC announced it would go ahead with plans for the World Trade Center Memorial, a sister of a September 11 victim will be protesting at Ground Zero by sleeping on a sidewalk across the street. Rosaleen Tallon, whose firefighter brother Sean died, says that the memorial's subterranean design is disrepectful, used her brother's cold-weather gear (he was a marine) last night when she camped out last night. 1010 WINS says that Reverend Bill Minson, who had been a ground zero chaplain, would also stay there until the design changes. We'll see if LMDC head Stefan Pryor tries to speak with them directly.

And in other news, WTC developer Larry Silverstein may be more willing to let the Port Authority manage some of the space. Plus, Democratic gubernatorial hope Tom Suozzi said he'd support residences at Ground Zero, trying to drive a wedge between Democratic front-runner Eliot Spitzer, whose allies of NY State Senator Sheldon Silver and Mayor Michael Bloomberg bitterly disagree about residential space at the WTC.

Photograph from garyxx on Flickr