2005_07_groundzero.jpgThe U.S. Department of Transportation is giving New York and New Jersey $899 million for transit projects at the World Trade Center. The bulk of the money, $478 million, will go to an underground screening center that "would be the security conduit for all vehicles entering the ramps, roadways, loading docks and parking areas serving the new trade center buildings." Hey, that means 12 years after the first World Trade Center bombing, the government is finally coming around! The other money will go to rebuilding West Street, building the Santiago Calatrava-designed PATH terminal, and Fulton Street's underground pedestrian walkway.

World Trade Center Memorial Foundation chairman John Whitehead admitted that donations were starting to lag over controversies (or purported controversies) about what exhibits would be at the some of the cultural groups, leading the board for the foundation to agree that the first matter of business would be to raise money for the WTC Memorial. And a StoryCorps oral history booth opened at the temporary WTC PATH station yesterday.