The developer who wants to build a Muslim community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan is said to be a long way off from the $100 million or so he's estimated to need to complete the project. But that's nothing a few lawsuits can't fix. Sharif El-Gamal and others have filed a $4.1 million lawsuit against Burlington Coat Factory, the former tenant at the location.

Burlington Coat Factory was so eager to distance itself from the mosque controversy that the company ripped off two signs on the exterior of the building with such haste that the facade is damaged, according to a copy of the court filing obtained by the Post. "Throughout Burlington’s tenancy, and... for years before, affixed to the building were two large signs," one that was 129 square feet, and another that was 32 square feet, the lawsuit alleges. " The signs provided "plaintiffs a valuable asset which increased the value of the premises and provided rental income from advertising on the sign."

But once the anti-mosque fever broke out last spring, Burlington “illegally and forcefully” yanked down the signs, allegedly because of all the "animus and hostility" surrounding the project. And now they must pay! All El-Gamal needs to do is win a couple dozen lawsuits like this, get some federal grant money, and construction can finally begin.