Well, here's an equal opportunist; the developer behind everyone's favorite protest foil, the Ground Zero MosquePark51 Islamic Community Center is planning to rebuild a synagogue in Midtown.

The Times reports that Sharif El-Gamal, whose plan to build a mosque a few blocks from the 9/11 site a few years ago ignited the fury of Sarah Palins and Fox News commentators worldwide, will be building a new structure for the nearly century-old Garment Center Congregation on West 40th Street. Though it's not just the religious center that will be getting the El-Gamal treatment—the synagogue will be part of a 23-story building complete with a retail center and hotel. "We’re in the process of buying one of the last untouched corners of Times Square with an opportunity to secure the future of a synagogue that will serve the Jewish community for decades to come," El-Gamal told the Grey Lady yesterday.

Amid all the kicking, screaming and protest signs, the Park51 center opened its doors in Fall 2011 and faced even more resistance from everybody's favorite electric company Con Edison, who tried to evict them over back rent. El-Gamal's plans to expand the center have mostly stalled.

Demolition on the Midtown synagogue will begin in a few months; it's unclear whether the project will warrant the same amount of outrage from Pamela Geller, but who knows.