The sound of rumbling you hear at the World Trade Center site isn't just from construction - it's the sound of egos. Senator Chales Schumer asked Mayor Bloomberg to commit $1.75 billion in Liberty Bonds to the project and dissed the Mayor's suggestion to put residential buildings - in other words, Schumer's strategy was "criticize and ask for money." Mayor Bloomberg said no way, considering the project could "come to a grinding halt." Schumer is also asking that the Port Authority move into Freedom Tower, which is more expensive (and might take the longest to complete) - oh, and he'd like WTC developer Larry Silverstein to slash his fee for managing the project. Yes, Schumer has been very, very busy. What Gothamist cannot believe is that it's almost five years after September 11 and there's still so much fighting about trying to rebuild the area.

Other issues: In terms of money, the Mayor said the WTC redevelopment will cost about $1 billion - approximately double earlier estimates, which keeps it in line with any construction project you do in the city - and that comes on the heels of news that fundraising has been difficult for the memorial. Relatives of September 11 victims protested the WTC memorial once again, saying its underground setting is inappropriate and possibly unsafe. Oh, and WTC dust might still be dangerous - our health officials just can't be sure, but they've decided to restart (after two years!) a program to monitor people who worked at the site.